Mira HQ Among Us map

This map looks like some small headquarters in a huge skyscraper. You will begin your gaming round on the start platform next to the reentry capsule. While playing on this location, the crew needs to come back to the headquarters to get the next map. The crew comes back from the ship mission.

Mira HQ Map




This location is a starting point for beginners on this map. There, you can find the dropship and some useful boxes. The diagnostic computer and some equipment for the engines are situated here. The players will also face a panel for Divert Power. 


It is a medium-sized location. There are a scanner and seven hospital beds made in futuristic style. There is a vent that can show you the way to a Locker Room and Balcony.


This location is situated at the bottom of the map. It is also a medium-sized room. There is a panel near it that serves for fixing Comms Sabotage.

Locker Room

This location consists of two main parts. The first one is a hallway filled with three sets of four lockers. There are also a bench, rug, and additional bench. The other side is decontamination, where you can find a portal to Decontamination. You can also find a vent that leads to the Decontamination, Launchpad, and MedBay.


This room is also medium-sized. You can find it near the hallway. The vent is located in the corner at the top on the left. This room is filled with several tables.


This room is situated next to the Office and under the Greenhouse. This room is small-sized. The players can find a huge table located in the middle of this room. There are also three armchairs and small tables next to the main table. The vent is situated at the bottom on the left side.


This room is located at the bottom of the map. You can find it near the Cafeteria. The vent is located between two doors in this location. The doors are sliding and open for any players automatically.


This room is the main point for the players. But. the game does not begin in this room. It is a pretty small room located in the hallway. This room is located near the Storage and Balcony. The tables are not round. They are cubic and brown.


In this map, this room looks like a huge long hallway. It can lead you from the Locker room to the other hallway near the Reactor and Laboratory. It is easy to drop in because a vent is at the bottom on the right side. There are no tasks.


It is a unique hallway in the form of Y. There are doorlog sensors for exits. The vent in this room leads to the Admin and Balcony.


This room is located between Reactor and Decontamination. There is only one window. You can also find some panels here. The vent is located on the right side. There is a table in this room.


This room is near Laboratory. There are a huge reactor, some computers, and two fingerprint scanners. On the left, you can find a vent. There are also several one-way windows.


You can find this room next to the Cafeteria. There is a bookcase, where you can find some useful materials for completing your tasks.


It is considered a green room. It is a high location where you can find a lot of plants and different kinds of flowers. There is a huge oxygen filter in the middle of the room where you can find a tree inside.

Security system

There are two main security systems in the headquarters in this skyscraper. These systems can show the players the movement of the others. They are Doorlogs and a special map. This map will show you the number of players in each room. But, this map does not show the movements and color of the players. The Doorlogs are connected to the Communications directly. There are all names of the players in this system. The names and the color of their spacesuits are listed in this system. The special sensors indicate the movements of the players. There are only three of them. They are orange, blue and green. These systems are accessible to all players.

Some tips for beginners

This map is the smallest one. So, the players from one crew should stay together on Mira HQ. It is a great advantage in winning this map for imposters because crewmates do not have many possibilities to prove that they are not guilty.

Facts about Mira HQ

The letters HQ is a kind of an abbreviation from Headquarters. So, the full name of this game is Mira Headquarters.

The poster “The Henry Stickmin Collection” in the Office reminds us of the other game created by Innersloth.