The Airship Among Us map

It is the fourth map in this game. It is created in the form of an airship. It is based on the game “Infiltrating the Airship” by Henry Stickmin. This map is very huge. The players have an opportunity for choosing a location to appear.

The Airship Map




It is a kind of place consisting of many tiny rooms. These rooms are connected to the doors. These doors can happen to be closed. The players can find a ladder in this room that leads to a secret location.


This room can happen to be a starting point for the players. You can find some computers here. There is also a Divert Power and Upload Data panel.  You can also see a table, vent, and an Admin map at the top.


This location looks like a round room separated into four sections. There are several mannequins in two sections. You can find gold and artifacts in the other two sections. It has a vent in the left corner. There is a security camera on the right side. 


It is a rectangular tiny location where you can find three locked doors. This room leads to the Vault and Gap Room. There is also an Upload Data panel.


It looks like a small location that contains three doors. There is one monitor for checking and several computers. You can also find a hallway here. There are some portraits on the wall of this room.


This room is pretty small. The players can see two desks and a small shelf in this room. You can find two plants on the first desk. There are also some blenders in this room.

Meeting Room

It is a kind of medium-sized room. The players can find one table and some chairs near it. There is also a panel for Accept Diverted Power. You can see a ladder that can help you reach the Gap Room. There is also a security camera in the left corner. It can be a place for conducting emergency meetings.

Gap Room

First, you can see a ladder leading to the Meeting Room. There is also a door connected with the Brig. You can see a keypad near the ladder and a vent in this room. There is another door near a Download Data panel.

Engine Room

It is a kind of an enormous room with three entrances. The players can find a crane at the top right side and two engines. There are also some stairs, a vent at the end of the room, and some panels for the tasks.


This location seems to be round and large. This room includes one table with brown chairs and some bookshelves. This room is connected with the Gap Room. You can find a security camera on the left side.

Main Hall

This room is pretty long and small. This location is considered as one of the three locations where the players can start the game after the emergency meeting.


It is a small square room. You can see a lot of white and blue patterns here. This location includes two tables filled with kitchen tools. There are also a sink and some other kitchen staff.


This is a small room in this game. The players can happen to find some bath staff in this room. This location is filled with toilets and showers where you can find interesting tasks.

Viewing Deck

It is a part of the airship where the players can face many different tasks. The players can watch beautiful views.


This is a small room. It is created as a relaxed room where the players need to overcome and complete a great variety of tasks.


This location looks like a small square room. This location is situated near the Cockpit. The players can find a wooden floor here. There are plenty of weapons on the walls of this room.

Security system

There is at least one security system on the airship in this game. It is a bunch of cameras. The cameras are located in the Security. You can watch the movement of the other players in this room.

Some tips for beginners

First of all, you need to prepare properly. If you are a part of some crew, you should think of choosing the best location to start your game.


The players cannot hear the Sabotage sound. It was changed in this new map.

The players can happen to see at least five manholes and four cameras in this part of the game.

The players can choose the area to start, but they have only a few seconds to decide.

This map has distinctive options that the players cannot use in the other maps.

This map has unique tools such as ladders and a flying platform that you can use for moving around locations.