Polus Among Us map

It is the third map in this game. During the gaming process, the players dive into the world of the planet Polus. This map is a kind of a planetary base. The game begins at the moment when the crewmate land on the planet Polus. The emergency button meeting and meetings take place at the Office. The imposters are to be thrown in lava.

Polus Map




It is considered a place of the players’ appearance. This room is located at the end of this map and can help you to go outside. You can see only a door with panels on each side.


This is a medium-sized room. It can lead the players to the Security and O2. This room is filled with several electric generators and a transparent fence. This room also includes some panels for Download Data and Fix Wiring. They are located outside. The players can find a vent at the bottom of the corridor of this room. This vent leads players to the O2 and outside the Electrical. You can find a security camera near the right entrance of this room.


This area is located outside of the planetary base. You can find the entrance to the area near the Office. The players can find a lava pit, some pilasters of climatic modules, and other objects. There is also a longboard leading to a lava pit. It serves as a detention for imposters. But, the players cannot fall into this pit during the game. You can also see this location in the Security cameras.


This location consists of two rooms. The first, called the Office, is where you can find the emergency button. These rooms are connected with the help of the hallway. The second one is a Replace water jug. You can see the “See something, say something” poster in this location.


This is an enormous location. It consists of three rooms. Two of these rooms are medium and the other one is small. You can find this location above the Boiler Room. You also can find a vent here.


This room is located near the Office. This is the largest Office in the “Among us”. There are no tasks in this room. There are a bunch of bookshelves here. The players can find a vent at the bottom on the left side. You can also find one table that has an Admin function. There is also a door connected to the Decontamination.

Boiler Room

This is a small room on this planetary base. You can find it at the end of this map near the O2. You can see two pipes on each side of this room. There is also a water jug at the top of the room.


This room is medium-sized. There is no direct connection with the other rooms. But, it is situated next to the Weapons. You can find some panel for Reboot Wifi and a computer for Upload Data.


You can find two locations of decontamination on the planetary base. This room is located near the Specimen room, Laboratory and next to the Admin. These locations are in the form of a square. You can see an electrical panel here.


This is a huge room which includes some smaller ones. It looks like an enormous hallway with several rooms. The first room is an exposed area. The second one is the weather station where the weather forecast is shown on TV. The central one is a lab room with a table and telescope. There is also a bathroom and vent.


This room is medium-sized. You can find a scanner and hospital bed here. There is also a table next to the beds.


This room is pretty tiny. It is located near the Electrical. There is a computer screen that can provide access to the Security.

Specimen Room

You can find this room at the end of the planetary base. To reach it, the players need to go through the small Decontamination room. There is a window that leads outside of the base.


It is an isolated small room where you can find some boxes and a gas canister. There is also a hole connected to the Office and Communication.


It is a medium room at the end of this map. There is a Download data panel. You can also find Clear Asteroids at the top on the right side of the room.

Security system

There are three security systems in this base. They are cameras, life signs, and a captain’s bridge. The life signs are located in the Office. The cameras are in the Security. But, the players can watch only one location.

Some tips for beginners

First, you should know that all 15 vents are interlinked. So if you are an imposter, you should be careful. This is the largest map. Thus, you should keep it on hand, so you do not get confused. The crew should consist of 8-10 people. You should always stick to your friend.

Facts about Polus

This planet looks like Lola Sayu in Star wars.

You cannot see the reactor on the map, but there are tasks in this location.