The Skeld Among Us map

This map looks like some small headquarters in a huge skyscraper. You will begin your gaming round on the start platform next to the reentry capsule. While playing on this location, the crew needs to come back to the headquarters to get the next map. The crew comes back from the ship mission.

The Skeld



Cafeteria 150

This room is a spot for beginning your magnificent gaming trip. It is a location equipped with a round table and three doors. The left door is a gateway to the Upper engine and MedBay. The right one can help you find the Weapons. The last door is a way to the Storage and Admin. You can find a vent near the right door. The emergency button is on the middle table.


While playing this location, some strange buzzing of some weapons should surround you all the time. You can find it right from the Cafeteria and above the O2. There are also a hologram screen and some panels for Download Data and Accept Diverted Power at the top. Players will find a vent near Download Data.


It is a kind of small-sized location situated on the right of the spaceship. It is created as a control center of the spaceship. This room is equipped with different navigation tools. There are two vents. The top vent leads to the Weapons and the other one to the Schields.


You can find this room on the right of the ship and below the Weapons. It is a unique location with a surprise in it. It seems that there is a box with a plant possibly producing oxygen for the spaceship.


It is a small location situated between the Communications and Navigation. Players can find some lamps lightning this room. The Prime Shields panel will help you find a vent near it. It is connected with a vent in the Navigation room.


On the way to this room, the Morse code or radio tunes will follow the players. You can find this location between the Storage and Shields.


This small room is filled with enormous containers located in the center of the room, which allow moving only near the walls. You can use a red gas canister located near the containers to refill your fuel can. There are three passages that lead to the Cafeteria, Lower Engine, and Shields.


Under the Cafeteria, you will find a small Admin room. The security camera is located outside of the room with a Fix Wiring panel. In the middle of this location, you can find the Admin panel and the Swipe Card. 


 The room is filled with different wires laying on the floor and some electrical stuff. You can find this room between the Storage and Lower Engine. The vent in this location is connected with the Security and MedBay. 

Lower Engine

The location is at the bottom of the map. The vent located here will help you to find the Reactor. This room is equipped with a huge engine.


It is a kind of small location near the Reactor. There is a vent on the right side of the room. Players will find a huge desk in this room. There is a computer in front of it where players gain access to Security.


It is a location near the Security. It includes two vents. Usually, the reactor has a blue light. If it is sabotaged, the reactor glows red.

Upper Engine

It is a small-sized room in this game. You can find one vent in this room. This room leads to the Reactor and Security rooms. The vent is located near the Reactor.


This room is filled with a single vent and a scanner. You can find four hospital beds in this medium-sized room.

Security system

There are two main systems that should help you to follow the players’ intentions and movements. They are cameras and a special map showing the players’ number in each room. All players have access to these security systems.

The Skeld tasks

The players have to face many tasks while playing this map. You should experience tasks in each room. There is at least one task in the location.

Some tips for beginners

The most essential tip is that you need to be done with your tasks pretty fast. It will help you to understand the situation better and consider some other gaming problems. You should also follow your crew that can help you eliminate many problems.

Facts about the Skeld

This is the only map where you can find your hero near the button while appearing.

It is the only map created in 2018 in this game.

There were some Halloween decorations in this game in 2019 and 2020.